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Plant II

Schilderfabrikation Moedel GmbH


Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 13
92224 Amberg

P.O.Box 1755
92207 Amberg

+49 9621 605-200
+49 9621 605-202

DUNS number341660075

Business hours


Monday - Thursday
7.30 - 12.00 /
12.30 - 16.00

7.30 - 13.30

Area of application

Landscape- or portrait-mode, the outdoor wall mount solutions from us convince in every orientation. Show your company or latest news in Full-HD, without changing inlays all the time. The housing protects the display against weather influences.

How does it works?

Prepared with a content-management-software, the data will be transferred via a LAN-cable to the digital signage display.

We look forward to your inquiry!


digitales Fasadenschild